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About Us

Our Mission

Eurobodalla United was started to bring unity back into our community. Our main goal is to stop the segregation and division between people when it comes to mandates, coercion and manipulation. Our experience over the last two years concerning vaccinations and masks has been at the forefront. There appears to be a relaxation of these mandates in recent weeks, but they can be re-established just as easily and quickly as they were established in the first place. 

Secondly, and of equal importance is to give practical support to each other in all of our basic pursuits of life. The protection and nurturing of our families, especially our children, is paramount. So our support efforts are in helping to establish gardens, education for our children, business, protection of ourselves and protection of our property. 

The beginning of all of this is joining us on Sunday's at the park in Moruya and at the CWA in Batehaven on Tuesday evenings. It is here we enjoy each other's company, swap information and ideas, and focus on specific issues.

Let’s Work Together

We believe to move forward as humanity we need to come together. Eurobodalla United is calling for everyone to join together and stand up for our freedoms.  We know there is a better and brighter futrure ahead, but we have to work together  to make that happen

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