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Building connections through community,
and helping those communities thrive...

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 Uniting for Freedom, Together...

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Looking Ahead

Tuesday 5 April - 7-9 pm

We are working hard to develop this web site further. Hopefully, by this date, we can have a session to help us navigate and use it effectively. At present there seem to be two or three - even four - paths of communication and sharing for us. Our goal is to have one reliable source of communication so everyone is included and aware of our activities. 

Sunday, 3 April, 10am-2pm.

We have been invited to join with Awake and Aware, South Coast United, Bega and others at Moony Moony Creek, Husskison, NSW. The Elders will be there along with speakers, information and music. These gatherings are  fun and invigorating - giving us an opportunity to express solidarity, meet new people and relax. 

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Parents with questions?

Do you have questions about the COVID vaccinations for children?

Parents with questions is a bunch of parents with curious minds who want to make sure we have all the information about COVID vaccinations for our kids. We want to encourage each other to do our own research. Trust our wisdom as  parents. And say 'NO' until we are 100% sure. Making this decision needs information from more than one side.

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A Stand in the park

We Stand In The Park every Sunday from 10 AM. This happens all across the country and the world in all towns. All are welcome and we encourage you to bring your family and friends.

We 'Stand In The Park' to celebrate freedom, fairness, and diversity for all.

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Find links to the website for all the recordings of Tuesdays meetings, plus links for information, videos, and podcasts about the so called pandemic and vaccinations.

It is important that we do our own research and educate ourselves on what is actually happpening.

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Eurobodalle Business Survey

The purpose of this survey is to get a better understanding of how the vaccine mandates have affected local businesses in our Local Shire.

This data will be used for the Eurobodalla Shire Council and potentially other councils around NSW to decide on what the next steps will be in keeping our communities safe, thriving and prosperous.

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sunday & Tuesday meeting recap

Missed the meeting? 

Tuesday 29 March 

We had a lively meeting tonight with everyone, once again, contributing. We met in our groups and discussed what actions we are going to implement. We then regathered and each group reported what they found to be most important, giving the rest of us ideas as to what we can do this week to get it all going.

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